The word of the day is F###.

It’s no fair! It’s no fair! It’s no fair! It’s….zzzzz. -Mia,6

This is how I was greeted after work today. I time my schedule perfectly around my kids’ school start and end times , so I’m pulling into the driveway as they’re walking from the bus most days.

Today’s unfairness is brought to you by the grade 4 class trip forms which were given to me gleefully, as I attempted to have a few minutes alone on the porcelain throne.

Mummy! I need $50 for Medieval Times! Mummy- here’s my form!! – Madison,9

The paper is held so close to my face I can feel it on the tip of my nose. I remind them, I’m sitting on the toilet – can you show me in a minute? ….Cue Mia.

So the word for the day is…..Fuuuuuuuuuuuck! (Don’t worry- I only screamed it internally, this time) for their benefits- it’s Fart Sniffers! (…..Yeah- my censorship needs work)

It’s 3:30….is it too early for a glass of wine?

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