What does is it look like?

I was recently asked what Autism and adhd look like in my home. That is such a loaded question, isn’t it? Anyone who is familiar with either super power, knows that the answer is different in every home. Not one individual has the same story, or the same challenges, or the same strengths. It’s called a spectrum for a reason- it is vast.

at any rate, here was my answer:

What do autism and adhd look like in my house?

”It looks like loud voices and dishevelled hair. It looks like spinning in circles and trying tricks on scooters. It looks like insecurity and confidence; it looks like chewed shirts and holes in the soles of his favourite shoes. It looks like sleepless nights and sleep-filled days. It looks like coffee fueled mornings for mama and wine in her hand at night. It looks like hyperfocus and organized chaos. It looks like swings and fibre optics in his bedroom, and a trampoline out back. It looks like…my whole life.” -Emily Dimmell


…so tell me, what does it look like in YOUR house?

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