I’m at home in the clouds.

Growing up, my teachers and coaches; my parents and basically anyone else- would get frustrated with me, because (as they put it) I always had my head in the clouds. I was a daydreamer. I would stare out the window and concoct scenes of friendship, scenarios full of beautiful animals and more. It’s not that I didn’t want to listen, it’s that I couldn’t focus on their words. When someone would speak to me, I heard their words- but I also heard the clanking of buttons from someone’s jacket, the scratching of pencils on desks ( they all sounded different. I could tell who was writing, by the sound of their pencil to their paper), I would hear an untied shoelace hit the floor (the aglet). I could hear chairs sliding in another classroom, footsteps in the hall, the sound my teachers bracelets would make as she erased the chalkboard. It was all so overwhelming- so much information all at once. So instead of tormenting myself to try to focus on the words coming from someone’s mouth, during all of that other chaos- I would stare out the window and focus on my own thoughts. It was my reprieve from all of that busy. I would often come up with amazing short stories, poems, or concepts for paintings or sketches as I gazed out into my imaginary world. ( I’m sure you’re wondering….yes I was diagnosed with combined type adhd only just last year, and although I haven’t had official testing- I’m 99.9% sure I also have sensory processing disorder- just like some of my kids)

I am still this way today, I’m happiest when I can daydream and allow my thoughts to wander. This brings me to my point- I am obsessed with thrift shopping and antiquing. I can wander the aisles for hours, imagining who wore or owned the piece before and what their home must have looked like. I touch….like…..everything. I am a very tactile person- I love to touch things (and people for that matter. I’m a hugger lol) almost every single item in my wardrobe is from a thrift shop, and even the furniture in my home. It all tells a story. It had a life before me, a history. I love that- I actually prefer to buy my denim from thrift stores because they’ve already been broken in for me and are already soft and ready to go. Of course, you can’t get everything from a thrift store. I don’t buy couches or stuffed animals or pillows, or under garments or beauty products or skin care. But the tables and trunks, the chairs, the wall art, etc. Man alive I love it so much. I’m very Indie in everything that I do- my music preference, my style, my attitude and my personality. I’m barefoot all year round (….I HATE socks with a passion. They’re little jails for your feet) and I even walk barefoot outside often, even in the forest.

Do I have any other thrifters here, reading along? Where do you go and what’s your fave things to hunt for?

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