Mama is stuck in hyper-focus.

Hyper-focus, are you familiar with the term? It basically means tunnel vision for one interest , and not being able to deviate from that interest at all. When I am in hyper-focus, I rarely hear noises around me, I won’t hear the phone ring, or knock at the door. I completely forget to eat or drink water, and my sleep is reduced to about 4hrs a night, if I’m lucky. My energy never wavers though – which complicates things because it just makes me go into hyperdrive.

These phases hit me sporadically, I never know when they’re going to hit or for how long. I’m currently caught in a hyper-focus phase, on diy home Reno’s (farmhouse decor) on a budget. Sounds awesome, right ? It is!! The problem? I….can’t…..stop. I have about 8 projects on the go right now. EIGHT. the end vision in my head is amazing though, and I won’t stop until I get there.

I consider this is one of my “adhd superpowers”- because it’s really more a blessing than it is a curse. I’m naturally creative and artistically inclined. I’m able to make literally anything based on a photo. Don’t ask me to follow directions, plans, or patterns though- I cannot for the life of me. I learn as I go, simply by doing. It’s taken me many years to embrace this skill, as I spent so much time dwelling on the fact that I couldn’t follow plans/patterns/directions- my brain just simply doesn’t work that way.

Does anyone else have similar phases they go through? How do you cope with the hyper-focus phases?


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